About Us

If you’re an interested art lover looking for an informative read, Eva Zeisel’s content will offer you just that. We have a wide array of topics ranging from antiques to modern contemporaries.

Whatever your artistic endeavours involve, from printmaking or web building, or building a career as a designer, our articles are here to ignite your wonder and update you on the latest news from the imaginative world of art.

Eva Zeisel team consists of art and antique enthusiasts, hence the content we bring to our readers. We are often fascinated by things that have gone through ages and have developed beauty over the years. We believe in preserving these pieces, for they helped us define our current way of life.

We will bring attention to what’s pure and write about arts in an accurate, up-to-date, engaging, and easily understood way. We hope we bring delight with every content we produce. Should you have any comments or suggestions for any of our stories, let us know.

Our Vision

We envision a future where everyone is touched by art each day. We aspire to showcase all art markets worldwide to support more artists. Eva Zeisel believes that the process of discovering art should be as glorious as art itself.

Our Mission

Eva Zeisel is dedicated to creating a joyous, welcoming adventure that connects enthusiasts with the artists and artworks they admire.

We hope we bring delight with every content we produce. We invite you to join us and share your ideas via comments, or you may contact us for any content requests.