How To Paint An Antique Dresser

How To Paint An Antique Dresser

Solid hardwood dressers are often built to last for decades. All you have to do is take proper care of them. If you have an antique one that is looking worn, it is very easy to restore it. All you have to do i paint it properly

Here is how to paint your antique dresser:

Sand the Finish

If your dresser has a smooth and fine finish and it is in good shape, feel free to skip this step. However, if you want the drawers or doors smoother, use fine-grit sandpaper for an even coverage everywhere!

Clean the Dresser and Then Let It Dry

Cleaning the dresser is essential if you want to maintain its beauty. The surface should be completely dust free and clean before applying any paint or varnish, so start by removing all traces of grime with a damp cloth. Allow it to dry thoroughly for best results!

Roll a Coat of Paint

You can thin the chalk paint with water if it’s too thick before you start painting, but adding more than a tablespoon should be enough. Once everything is mixed together, dip your brush into this gesso-like consistency and create an even coat onto larger surfaces like drawer fronts or sides of drawers for that professional finish without visible brushstrokes!

Trim With a Brush

The dresser is a large, open space with many different surfaces that can be painted. Make sure to paint the edges of drawers and any details missed by your roller because it will show up when dry. Two or three coats should suffice for adequate coverage depending on the type of surface. Once applied, wait about 48 hours before applying the final protective finish, which also keeps out dust!

Buff on a Wax Finish

When painting a dresser, you should put at least one coat of paint on it. You can use oil-based products or latex for your projects. If desired, the surface will need to be finished again with either clear wax or dark browning depending upon what finish best suits its design aesthetic.

Reattach Your Hardware

A final touch is to add back the decorative hardware. You can reuse existing knobs without having them refinished in order to retain that authentic antique vibe or update it by adding similar styles so you won’t have any extra holes for drilling.

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