What Makes Something Antique?

What Makes Something Antique

Many people consider certain types of furniture such as chairs and tables only to become antique after they reach 100 years of age. In contrast, other types of furniture like beds don’t need to meet this requirement before being considered antique. 

To answer the question, “What exactly makes something antique?” There are four main attributes based on which you can qualify something as antique. These attributes include the age of items, rarity, quality, and the condition they are currently in.


In the strictest sense, the quality that defines whether an item is antique or not is its age. Antiques are items that must be at least 100 years old. That means, as of the date today, an antique item should be made before 1921. If it’s not 100 years old yet, then it’s considered vintage. Vintage items are considered collector items, too, and are not bad for a collection.


If an item is rare, it doesn’t take years and years before it is qualified as an antique. For example, a rare, one-of-a-kind diamond with no probability of another one existing is automatically an antique after a few years. Similarly, a car model that only had a few pieces manufactured before the manufacturing stopped will automatically become an antique after a few years.

Place Of Purchase

Another factor that plays a role in qualifying an item as an antique is where you got your item from. It can also play a massive role in deciding whether or not it qualifies as an antique depending on who you are selling it to. Some people say that only things bought at reputable places like auctions and estate sales should count as antiques. Others don’t care about where their items come from until they are in good shape and feel credible.


Items that are considered antiques are required to be in mint or good condition. Items with broken parts and roughed-up surfaces are not considered very valuable if considered antiques at all. The poor condition of the item doesn’t disqualify it from the race of being antique, but it leaves it far behind even to get noticed by the collectors.

People enjoy collecting antiques because they appreciate history and want to preserve objects from bygone eras for future generations to see and learn from. They simply enjoy having beautiful pieces around their home which remind them of old times. Visit our blog section to discover more about antique items.

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